Everyday can be New Years Day

We finally got past 2020!

For many people, the first day of the year is the one where they make grand exclamations of resolutions. “This will be the year I…” they will shout and tell everyone.

The issue that usually occurs is that for the first few days to first few weeks those people will do well to try to stick to their resolutions. What comes next is life, a mistep, or just a missed opportunity to continue that resolution.

What happens next is often that resolution is then abandoned. “Well it was good while it lasted” they’ll say, or “Too bad I couldn’t keep it going”.

Why stop there?

Just because the next day isn’t New Year’s doesn’t mean it’s time to give up on yourself until the next New Year’s Eve in 11 or so months.

Treat every day like New Year’s Day and continue to chase that resolution. Those goals you set for yourself can be achieved if you continue to aspire towards them.

Work away today and tomorrow and soon you’ll hit that level you were working towards.

Trying to lose those pounds? Ok you slipped today, pull up your socks and let’s redo it tomorrow.

Didn’t practice that guitar the last few days due to work or family commitments? No problem, schedule some time tomorrow to practice.

Didn’t get that run in today for your 5 km? Cool, no problem, tomorrow morning, wake up and lace up.

Just because we had a slip up in our willpower doesn’t mean we should give in. We want to be that better version of us and we can achieve it. We just have to forgive the lack of commitment today and celebrate tomorrow.

So to whichever calendar day it is you are reading this I say to you: Happy New Year! 🙂