Blogging is a habit like any other

It’s funny when I look back. I used to run a semi-successful blog with a friend from 2008 to 2010. It was called Two Geeks and a Blog (a play on Two Girls and 1 cup – I don’t recommend Googling it) and we posted several posts a day. At the end of 2010 we decided to fold the website due to life commitments. We just couldn’t commit time to blogging on the website.

Since then I’ve tried to keep blogging on my own personal site. That seems to be a challenge over the last 6 years as I haven’t been able to maintain a consistent posting habit.

That’s something to recognize, blogging, like most activities in life, is done by habit. It’s something that doesn’t slip  your mind and become forgotten for weeks.

Thus I am trying to make this a habit and write twice a week at the least.

Outlook 2013 and McAfee Web Protection

I recently purchased myself a new laptop and decided to move away from cloud based solutions back to desktop solutions. This meant moving from GMail to Outlook (using my webhost mail server).

I’ve been enjoying the experience using Outlook but had recently discovered that I was unable to retrieve new mail in my inbox. No matter how many times I’d click Send and Receive no new e-mails would appear in my inbox.

It was strange. All other mail in other folders were synching over but the inbox wouldn’t. I had no issues getting new mail on my Outlook app on Android and all the configurations were good in Outlook 2013.

The most recent change to my system that could explain the issue was the installation of McAfee Antivirus Plus.

First test was trying to disable all services (Antivirus and Firewall) but still no new mail.

As a complete test I decided to simply uninstall McAfee and see if mail would come in. Lo and behold with McAfee gone mail started to pour into my inbox.

Not wanting to be without McAfee I did some searching online but found nothing except some mentions of add-ins in Outlook that weren’t present for my system (might be more an Enterprise solution issue)

After re-installing McAfee I figured something worth checking was the Web Protection (or Website Advisor) portion of the suite. Knowing that Outlook and Internet Explorer are symbiotic in configuration I decided to uninstall only that piece of McAfee.

That ended up being the issue.

My inbox now works and McAfee Antivirus Plus is installed. I configured the Real-Time scanning to scan e-mail attachments and all is still good.

So if you are searching the internet for keywords like outlook 2013 mcafee inbox no delivery I hope you find this blog post and I hope it’s your solution too.

Good luck and hope it works for you too.