The message from Mars

A middle-aged man sits in an office. He’s dressed in a button up white shirt with the collar undone and the necktie loosened. Upon his desk are large amounts of papers and dossiers spreads out in an unorganised fashion. In the middle of his office is a large monitor with a matching keyboard set.

The gentleman reaches over to the screen and presses his finger on the glass. An audible blip sounds and the begins to speak towards the screen.

“On this warm and humid July 14th summer day of 2024, we at NASA received the most particular message from space. We believe it to be the message from our lost manned missing to Mars. We lost contact with that the during their approach and thought them to have perished. Our engineers are still trying to authenticate the message, but it did come in on our secured NASA frequency channel.”

For a moment he pauses and reaches for a stack of paper on his desk. He raises the sheets to his gaze and looks at the words on the page.

“This is the transcript of the message.”

Again he pauses and looks at the camera in the monitor.

“If this message is indeed from our Orion team it will have the largest impact on human civilisation to date.”

He averts his gaze from the camera and focuses back to the pages in his hand. He murmurs to himself a bit “… can this truly be?” and shakes the pages a bit.

“The message is a single line but carries the weight of the world. This one single line is…”

He clears his throat and reads:

“We are not alone, and they are coming.”

A look of despair appears on his face as he lowers the papers and sets them on his desk. He reaches for a glass of gin from atop one of the piles of dossiers and drinks before ending the recording.