Failure and Negativity

Often times we’ll find ourselves failing to achieve a goal we set out. Sometimes it’s because we’re too ambitious and take too big a leap. Sometimes it’s because the motivation dwindles before the goal becomes a habit. And other times it’s simply life getting in the way.

Regardless of the reasons you fail at achieving your goal, the biggest thing to do is avoid the negativity that follows that failure.

While always an issue for people, the increase in social media has really put a spotlight on us all. Whenever you visit any of these social networks you look at how others are doing and find yourself comparing yourself to other’s success. Then, when comparing and seeing how people are thriving in their goals, we feel a sense of failure on our self. We also shy away from providing that status update on the failure in fear of the spotlight that’s shone on us.

The thing to always take into consideration is that like yourself, everyone else is curating what they post and they are sharing only the good. No one wants to be judged or ridiculed for the missteps they’ve taken. All people want to share is the good. This gives a false sense of state and a poor thing to compare yourself to.

Instead celebrate your failures and learn from them. Avoid the negativity of the failure and instead reflect on why you failed.

Did you fail because you didn’t fully commit? If that’s the case, look at why you didn’t commit and correct it for the next attempt. Was the failure due to lack of skill? Look at how you can improve your skill beforehand or during. Was it due to other factors like time constraints or unexpected hurdles. Depending on the factor, notice how things went astray and learn how to avoid or mitigate them for future attempts.And sometimes we just fail. The goal was bigger than we thought we can achieve and we simply need to course correct if we were to reattempt it in the future.

Regardless of your shortcomings, don’t put yourself down. You’ll never prosper with a negative mindset. Instead reflect, prepare, and try again. This time with a better mindset to achieve it.

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