Digital Art

For the longest time, I’ve stayed with the traditional mediums for my art. I like the direct pencil to paper feel and that I can see exactly what I’m producing while I draw. I like the fact that I can shade my lines to create a different boldness to my lines or correct my lines as I sketch.

I never had this same experience when I tried to do digital art many years ago with the use of a mouse and a desktop program. It was always bold lines with little control or fluidity. Even recently I decided to flirt with the idea of digital sketching on my tablet and a stylus but the tablet I own doesn’t have the pen to tablet recognition others do, and I find drawing on it do have a mild delay and no shading possibility.

While that has been my experience, I can say I have been envious of other artists I see and follow on social media that can produce stunning works using digital means.

I’ve recently been more engaged in doing art and feel that I could also benefit from adapting to digital but that I have to find the proper way of doing so. I did some research and discovered that the reason for my poor prior experiences is due to the hardware at my disposal. For true sketch input, I need a device that can recognise pressure input. This led me to explore Wacom tablets.

This past weekend I purchased an Intuos tablet and am now exploring its abilities. Thus far I can attest a big difference compared to how the pen to draw output worked on my tablet. The responsiveness and pressure recognition is fantastic. I press more on the stylus and my lines get bolder and thicker.

The tablet came with some software, but I’ve been playing more with Sketchbook Pro per a friend’s recommendation. Its UI is nice, clean, simple but yet still very functional. It didn’t take me long to spend $35 to subscribe to the Pro version to unlock, among other features, layers.

My ultimate goal is to do rough sketches on paper, scan and import into Sketchbook, and then do digital inking and colouring.

Ultimately this post is simply a way to express my appreciation to my discovery of using Wacom tablets and the opportunities this will give in growing my artwork.

To top this post off here’s a video of a quick Popeye doodle I did yesterday